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You know when it's time to grow. 

Just a feeling usually. Dissatisfaction. Emptiness. But sometimes, it's more serious. You'll experience cataclysmic breakdowns, unhappiness, relationship endings. Illness. Fear. A knowing you’re off path. That something needs to shift.


At transition moments in your life, you have a window of opportunity; the chance for change. You can, and often must ask yourself new questions. 



Scholars have long maintained that each era has a unique spirit, a nature or climate that sets it apart from all other epochs. Such a spirit is known as "Zeitgeist". You are the expression of that spirit, that energetic potential.

Your entire life is determined by the energy and frequency it holds. You have the power to create your magical future, to consciously awaken and write your own story.

 Zeitgeist TM  is a comprehensive, guided program led by a facilitator, designed to align your energetics with your intention and to take you through a process designed to open your heart, releasing the old blocks and patterns that have held you back, and align your energy while helping you get clarity on the life you want.


If you want to make sure you are aligning goals, dreams and desires, releasing your past and changing your future, Zeitgeist will guide you through.


Your life is important. So is your happiness.

The ZeitgeistTM  Pathway takes you from struggle point A to inspired Z and teaches you to happily navigate through your life, set effective boundaries, build new perspectives and take charge of your choices. 

It encompasses spiritual and personal development, guided actions, energetic shifts, energetic shifts within your physiology, and steps to help you bring your goals to life and awaken your unique potential.  You'll also have Zeitgeist Lifemaps
TM , a beautiful guidebook, somatic changes, and a facilitator to support you. 

You'll enjoy weekly sessions online or off, depending on your location.

This is real change. Session work. A Master Facilitator, guiding you through your journey.


Your story, awakened to its unique potential, written strategically, mindfully, and without restraint. Your new life is possible. Transcendent. Able to be lived. Yours. 



Claim it. 


The Comprehensive Pathway Includes

  • Monthly Mastery Calls

  • Weekly Check-In And Group Meeting

  • The beautiful ZeitgeistTM Guidebook

  • An Energetic Technique For Life-Recovery, Awakening, and Healing

  • A Pathway Founded in Freedom

  • Fire Movement + Breathe

  • At-Home Practices and Guided Process

  • Belief Restructuring

  • Zeitgeist LifeMapsM

  • Self-Realization and Awakening

  • Reality-Hacking Instructions

  • Community of Zeitgeisters 

  • Daily Practices

  • Encouragement + Emotional Support
    as you change your practices, habits, and life

  • Self-Realization Processes

Ready to Begin? 

First, you'll be asked a few questions. Next, you'll be contacted by someone from my team. Heart open, head up, decision-made, you're on your way. It's your first step towards a changed life. You'll immediately get emails guiding you through the first steps of your journey. 

Just $2975us or four monthly payments of $695us.


Community is an integral part of your Zeitgeist journey. 

Life-altering gatherings. Connected conversations. Heart-rich theories. Mind, body, and spirit unite.

The gathering, support, and encouragement online and off make ZeitgeistTM
truly life-altering.

You'll find unparalleled experiences. Best friend masterminding. Accountability buddies. The soul-sisters. Enlivening cohorts. Inspiring mentor. Truthful conversations which support your personal evolution. You'll feel hopeful, excited, and alight with fiery potential.


What will you create in your brand new life?

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Ready to Begin? 

The entire process has been created with you in mind. First, you'll be asked a few questions. Once you've signed up and payment is processed, you'll be contacted by someone from our team. You'll immediately get emails guiding you through the first steps of your journey. 

You'll meet your Facilitator (if you don't know them already) :-) and be sent your materials, guidebook and everything else you need to get started.


Just $2975us or four monthly payments of $695us.

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Signed up? I've got insider access and all that entails for you, seers, seekers & sacred souls. 
All are welcome. 
Get it now. 


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