"Dear God // Source // Universe: Please, hear my prayer."

Spiritual support. Divine intervention. Positive creation. A save and a rescue. 

Prayer has lasted throughout centuries for a reason. It's there, available, an endless crystalline bridge to spirit. While it typically is used within a religious framework, recognize that these religious frameworks adapt through time and take many forms throughout history. Through it all, prayer is the constant. It is the lasting practice. 

Beyond the cry to spirit, it is a promise of a hopeful future in the most dire of times. It can get you out of some hot metaphysical waters, internal struggle, or real-world troubles, and to communicate your need for a better condition. 


This is a worldwide practice. All over the world, daily prayers are called, held, whispered in churches and sounded in mosques. Prayer is the way humans connect to elevated emotions and our highest ideals; to pull us out of the mud of our current condition into Godlike states; worship, awe, celebration, freedom. It draws us out of our own myopia, lifts us, and helps us recognize that as we ask for support, we, in the act of that request, are also our own saviors. 


As you pray, you are connecting to the seeds of your best future, opening doorways to universal support, and activating your natural ability to playfully, prayerfully and wishfully co-create with the universe. Plants grow. Birds tweet. You create. And you pray.   Click To Tweet ♡ And that which you pray to has the infinite opportunity to do the same. 

Prayer is also your sacred time to dedicate your life to a higher calling and purpose. To ask for help and to offer. You are heard, held, safe. You are that which you seek.


In each prayer, make sure there is reciprocity.
The savior in you meets the savior in the world, and beyond.
As you offer, you shall receive.  

Prayer engages our abundant, overflowing universe. ♡ Click To Tweet ♡ Energy equalizes, and the more you give, the more you get. Manifestation is flawed when it only holds the desire, not the service. Vacuums inevitably collapse. This is a sacred flow of giving and receiving.


It is the most beautiful practice I know. 

Prayer is there for deliverance
when most needed.

When you are scared or frightened, this practice reminds you that you are not alone, brings you back home to a safe place, offers light to the darker places. It gets better with time. You can create your own or use traditional prayers you may have learned as a child or through a religious framework. If you feel called to create your own, you'll find some methods below. 

Baji Grace Prayer

Choose Your Deity

God, Source, the Universe. You will know who you need to pray to. It does not have to be God. I pray to Kali, Durga, Mother Mary, Metatron. The angels, the guides of past times. To the world itself. An eternity of support, in many forms, rests there waiting




You'll get help. It is there, ready for you. That support may take a different form that you expect. Stay open to the innate possibility. Do not limit spirit or expect a contracted emotional state to srecognize all that is available to you. Greater eyes are seeing, better energy and new guidance wait on your request.


Be in Awe & Gratitdue 

The miracle that you can ask this way and get the response. Even the easing of fear is a gift, the ability to transfer our burdens to a higher form. The role of a God is a weighted one. The form of worship you choose is yours, but may contain gratitude, appreciation as you anticipate support, and the knowledge that you have the right to expect a safe and abundant existence, no less than any other.



Like any practice, we are often called to it when times are difficult. Typically prayer starts with need. That is okay. Over time, as life heals and improves, you'll notice a natural inclination to serve and support. But as you feel the call, make sure to offer care to those who most need it. Pass on the service, care and comfort you have  received. 

Ex: "I pray for my mother, my father, my family, and those who are hurting." 

Aim for a sincere attitude with an intention to support. Do not take on their burden or be sanctimonious in your support. Ownership of another or their choices is a heavy burden. Their life is theirs, to live as they would.  
Don't try to force another's will; this inevitably backfires. Trust that your positive intention will align in their favor, in the right time and way for them.

Truth is key

Be present. Do not try to improve it or 'make it better'. Don't be or feel guilty for where you are. That is where you are. You have the right to your own desires. Ask clearly and truthfully and connect to what you really want: this is your truth, your practice, and does not hold any obligation to any other. 

You are not alone

Know that there are higher beings and energies there to support. Know that the saving or the creation you want is there, what you ask for, somewhere, already in form. It has happened. It is available to you. You naming it draws is close.


The more you believe you'll receive, the likelier that outcome. Your  belief catalyzes energies. Be fierce in your devotion to the best possible outcome. Allow that you are worthy of a successful change.


Do not try to control the specifics of the outcome. Your higher self and spirit collaborate in prayer to create an even better result. Leave the 'how-to' and the heavy lifting up to spirit, and trust. "I ask for this but am open to a brighter, bigger result". A new person, a better outcome.

Be grateful

"Thank you. Thank you. Thank you", you call. "Thank all beings, energies, saviors, and guidance. Thank you God. Thank you universe. Thank you heaven, which is all around me". Offering creates a flow of reciprocity and the right energy for manifestation.  If is an offer of appreciation, an anticipation of reward.


What you get, give a portion of. A suggestion is to offer 10% of what you receive from prayer, in some form to those who need it most, whether that is care, comfort or financial support.

You'll find a few prayers below to guide, offer comfo, and get you creating your own. 






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