May 28th, 2020


I have no idea what to call this one. But it's light, and dark.

The Casual Set Up For Something like Clarity

🔭  Dark = bad (unless we're getting something from it, like personal growth or acquisition) breakdowns, emergence, dark forces, negatives, destruction, warring factions against us, toxic 🔭 Light = good: building, emergence, creation, growth, expansion, good feelings, energy, the desired, the right ones, healthy, happy, healing 🔭 Macro: Conceptual, universal awareness, stars, concepts and theories over buildings and beings, universal intelligence, space, and states, colliding booms and forces, big thinking, scope  🔭 Micro: people, moods, opinions, feelings, perspectives, good versus evil, Darth Vader versus Luke Skywalker mindset: real-world tangible versus ideas and perspectives Dark and Light. They've coexisted harmoniously side by side eternally. If you're spiritually awakening, you'll often hear the terms 'light and dark'.  Typically, light is seen as a desired state, which we prefer, and dark expressed as negative. They're used to encompass moods and feelings. Dark is good (but we grow from it) and light is good (and feels wonderful). It is a 'good versus bad' dogma. If we're rangy and rowdy or doing 'bad' things, outside of the mainstream, we may claim dark. Bad mood, depressed? Dark. If we want to make things better, prefer brightness and good feelings and perceptions, we'll choose light. As we come into power or awaken, we tend to carry this paradigm forward. It is preferential awakening. Which isn't awakening to all. For the purpose of this post, I'm looking at positions and perspectives; the tension point which causes the struggle and separation between two states of absolute perfection. Our perspective is subjective. Light ain't might, and dark ain't wrong. Both are underway. They're in the actualisation of outcomes. Some planned, some not. If you need to see it in a metaphor, try this: When we're standing on a mountain, the ants being crushed don't matter, and we're radiant in the sun; the ants, would they have voices, would say we are darkness personified. That applies to landlords, countries, politicians, stars colliding. Our position and experience define our perspective. We are both light, and dark. I have met many, many very dark lightworkers who are horrifically unkind and horribly self-centered in their gratification, and paradoxically, many kinder-than-sin dark beings who are honoring and whole. I have seen universes explode and new worlds form, light colliding against dark (so have you).  We're programmed to see the other as the enemy, which is a very convenient method of getting needs met. It is asset-creation; good feelings, money, supporters. Tribes, communities, countries, businesses and football teams all work off this model. Spiritual development does too, even as it works to transcend it. By devaluing someone else we are then valuable. ​By wronging them, we are made more right. It is false-confidence creation by creating a stronger fortress, buttressing ourselves through our opinion.  The emotional reality within this is real, and it dictates perceptions and behaviors, making true impartiality difficult, and thus, true compassion and understanding difficult. If we are taught to be 'good', it can actually intensify our theory that others are 'bad' as we follow the rules we're taught, embedding ourselves in a mindset of separation. We preach our trials to our neighbors, gaining allies. And enemies. Ant, meet mountain. Mountain, meet ant, and stay stable and celebrating. Observer, stop stomping all over everything, sit, and be with the trees for a while, valuing the existence of all.  This neutrality is a difficult thing to hold, hard-earned, especially when self-preservation of body, mind, or inner harmony is at risk. Yet absolute impartiality and clear decisions require it, and an approach in which mind, body, self-preservation and instincts would give way to observation and acceptance of the perfection of all. Sometimes, it is important to let go of impartiality, to look to the outcome of positions within that warring middle line. Then, reasonable force or stronger governance or cost for actions may be required. But this needs to be approached with awareness, kindness, generosity of spirit and a greater vision for the whole. Not protectionism, hoarding, punishment for perspective, or lateral positioning with greater abundance landing in your corner.  And you cannot change the other. You are not making them wrong by opining that they are. When blaming, naming or positioning anywhere but as the observer, all you do is create a friction line, much like when you've lain out too long in the sun and gotten sunburnt, and your underwear elastic starts burring against your skin, peeling it back. Body is perfect, sun is perfect. The friction is the cause for concern. That is where the healing needs to occur. Or the due diligence. THAT is the ... bnnhhannaa bnnn.. (insert dark movie music here) ... the 'evildoer'. Opinion, ethics, beliefs, desire, actions activated towards change. These are the things which mess with peace. At the micro-level that line is our intentions, desires and beliefs, at the macro, it is universes theorizing themselves into being, caught in that slip of tension between light and dark, ever-emerging while the whole rest of the universe hangs out happily, perhaps bothered by the interruption, but still healthy and well.  Friction happens when we (micro and macro) are inconvenienced in some way, don't like the other, or want more than we have, which, to our dismay, is being affected by the others' needs. When equilibrium is threatened. When there is strife between two states. When a new baby, literal or otherwise, is being born. When the Gods get angry and begin colliding meta-worlds, smashing them up whole. It's easy to point fingers towards the ethics, anxiety and behaviour of the other, but our perspective doesn't make it so. We need to be aware of these relative positions (picture yourself dancing all over that yin/yang circle and then, tired out from your movement, zooming above it and seeing it with more neutrality), how they unconsciously drive our perspectives and opinions as our world grows increasingly more compacted, congested and overrun, with resources dwindling and unconscious and conscious needs growing. Otherwise, it is too easy to justify a battle. As lightworkers, or when spiritually awakening, it's easy to believe growth is occurring simply when we switch perspectives or sides, when we're just staircasing up the same ladder, making a new enemy the next target.  "At every level there's another Devil". Growing up? Hate your parents. Breath-workarian? Dislike Embodied Green-eaters. Universe? Create dark matter, suck in that star. Ultimately, any conflict whatsoever is a battle with yourself within the whole. Resistance to anything ensures separation, demands conflict. You and I both know this of course; yet the question is, can we transcnd our very own perspective, into something more encompassing, more whole? Resistance and identification are bliss-states to the ego. Sandbox politics feel exciting. Like we're accomplishing some great thing, as we shove more sand behind us, convince others our corner is better. Yet we're all in the same pile of dirt, held by the same wood frame. When we make something or someone wrong (dark), we are validating our own position (light). Yet ultimately, all we are doing is creating friction. Pretending results as we wiggle that middle line, shift the fabric so it stops hurting us so much. Stomping about on the mountain, crushing ants, instead of looking at all parts of the universe with due awe, appreciation, and respect. 

This friction is not all negative. It creates momentum. Energy. Power stances. Our opinion and beliefs, or the impetuous towards change, is part of the eternal tension of creation. We dance in the theory that the other is wrong so that we can create something new.  We can do this from love, not fear. "I just want" is a powerful phrase, because it brings to the light consciously our needs, thus allowing that for the other. Name it, claim it, own it, and there is very little resistance. When we meet our desires consciously, intelligently, not cave-manning ourselves into hammer-thumping each other with  'wrong or right' in order to get the courage to alter things, we can get to a greater outcome which takes the needs and precious existence of all into account. Collectively, we can then decide our direction a

nd ask "what results do we want to foster?" That meeting point between light and dark is significant. That friction is also power. It is the place where creation occurs, the big-bang of evolution occurring, infinitesimally active always, occasionally revolutionary, sometimes cataclysmic. It is where tree lines grow, where existence, if questioned, is then created. Dark and light? Have dinner, meet up, drink that bottle, rouse up the universe, make it better. Separation, meet oneness. Or, just hang out harmoniously side by side while honoring the existence of the other.  ☯️

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