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Like most, maybe you've bought into a theory that your body doesn't quite measure up. Maybe you tell yourself you're beautiful,
but you don't really believe it. It is incredibly hard to be self-critical. It hurts. You aren't able to see how truly beautiful you are. 

Are you hard on yourself? Perhaps you talk to yourself harshly, criticize endlessly, and remind yourself constantly that you're not quite 'enough'. Once you work out more, lose those ten pounds or find the right shirt, then you'll be happy with your body. 

You get a compliment, and it will feel good; for a while. Maybe you even chase those feel-good comments — but they only last fleetingly. Insults you remember for years.

 What if you could move past that pain? Let that self-judgement go?
Truly see yourself and this miracle you're in? 

Join NAKED, my 3-day upcoming workshop.



Maybe you've been conditioned, like many, to look at your body as somehow 'wrong’ or lacking. We are taught into this: judgment becomes second nature. Schooled into an embarrassment of our normal functions. We think natural is not-enough, aging is undesirable and we align with airbrushed magazines to establish our perception of beauty.

And we don't quite measure up. 

Our inner wounds are calling for tending. We are crying out for self-love
and self-acceptance.


If you have been self-judgmental and critical of yourself and your body,
this 1-day online workshop will transform your life.

Join me for 3 days of extraordinary teachings + practices, and leave with new, deep self-love and a connection with who you truly are.

Trust broke. The day you told your body 'you aren't enough', you started a conflict between you and your body. The conflict is real.
Happily, so is the resolution.


Read on to see what you'll be learning and exploring! (and no, you don't have to be naked). 

This workshop is for you if ...

+ You have moments of self-hatred, self-judge, and feel less than worthy because of your body

+ You struggle to love yourself, and in fact, that concept may feel an impossible dream 

+ You are critical of yourself

+ You compare yourself against other people

+ You hyper-focus on flaws and the areas you can't control

+ You want to feel loving towards yourself and appreciate the body you are in


Part One

 Ancestral Evolution Of ...
  Body Beliefs,

Perception & Culture

Environmental Influence

Value-System Assessment
Core Wound Stuck in the Body
Self-Hatred, Comparisons,
Insecurity & Judgement
Self-Sabotage & Playing Small
Guest Teacher: Body Story

Part Two

A View Towards Love
Value Beyond Appearance
Guest Teacher: Holistic Beauty
Releasing Shame & Self-Blame Forgiveness & Ownership Rights Root-Cause Healing Practice
A Freedom Perspective: Embodiment of I
A Lit-Up Soul Pathway
The Energy of Healing: 
Guided Meditation
Guest Teacher: Movement

Part Three

Stars Incarnate
Re-Nirvana-ing:Exercises + Practices Eternal-Self Meditation
Your Body Has Wings
Collecting The Universe
Integrated Awareness
+ Superhuman Capabilities
The Body Miracle


What You Will Get

+ Access to the Naked Online Event

+ Guidance through exercises, meditations and technique

+ 1 days of full access to me, the program and calls

 + 3 x 2 + hour-long training and  Q & A calls and discussions on Zoom 
 + 3 x 30-minute daily sessions

+ Movement exercises and body-healing techniques

+ Feel centered, grounded, at home and peacefully loving towards your body upon leaving

Join the 1-Day Online Workshop

You are more than your body. If you have been insecure, self-judgmental, and critical of yourself, then this 3-day online workshop will transform your life.


Special Bonus! Buy one pass, bring a friend or partner for free! 

$89 us

June 22nd 

 September 18th 

The Experience

+ First, you'll fill out a brief questionnaire and will be contacted to finalize the details
+ Upon sign up, you'll be given a warm welcome and get the specifics on how to attend, along with introductory emails

+ We meet on Zoom for our sessions.  You'll be comfortable at home!

+ Each day, in addition to our training, you'll have fun breakout sessions, worksheets, and guided exercises to complete

+ You do NOT need to show yourself naked on the call but can if you like!

Full 3-Day Online Event

$379 us

I have a few sweet extras for you. In addition to your event, when you sign up you'll also get this beautiful Crystal Mala gift, mailed right to your door.

You'll also get a guided audio recording to get you prepared for your wonderful journey through NAKED: Beyond the Body. 

 April 17th - 20th 

 May 21st - 23rd 

June 22nd - 26th 

 September 18th - 21st 

What if I sign up but can't attend?

Your pass is totally transferable.


I am terrible on the computer. Will this be complicated?

Don't worry. You'll be guided through set-up and will find it very easy. Zoom is designed to be accessible and easy to use for groups.

Will it work with my time zone?


Absolutely. The event is scheduled to work with your time zones.
If you need to miss a session, you can watch it afterward.





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