A Reminder of Your
Natural Capacity
for Healing.


         ike most of the world, I’ve been watching the unfolding of the Coronvirus Pandemic with concern. My niece, at 23, is on the front lines working with high-risk senior citizens. I’ve been in social isolation, watching the statistics, witnessing caution and hysteria both in our collective conciousness.

If you understand energy, you will know that our propensity towards healing can increase when the right energy meets the right need.

Then, exponential healing can occur. The healing of lungs is a particular frequency. It’s specific.

I have a particular interest in lungs and their healing. My grandfather passed away from lung cancer. I’ve intentionally worked with healing energy and included it while writing and recording this.

The natural inclination of our bodies towards
healing is finite, infinite and absolute, and sometimes even quite miraculous.

This is an audio recording designed to bring healing, comfort, calm and care to the listener. 

This isn't just a feel-good audio. This is so much more. 
There are a variety of subtle techniques within to reassure emotionally and to support wellbeing, from:

  • repetition, to instill a concept

  • reframing (offering new perspectives)

  • visualization 

  • anchoring of past-health into current-now

  • leveraging past reference points of wellness 

  • reminding the listener of their role within community connection (thus triggering a sense of responsibility towards healing and a reminder of the care of others,
    a bridge to healing unto itself)

  • specific energy being transmitted, held, and shared through the recording

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