Together, we collectively can change the world. At 8 am UTC (8 PM PMT), we join together for a group meditation and energetic transmission designed to help us become change agents, healers, teachers of change.


I'll also do a brief teaching to remind you of your pathway to light- you particular zone of genius!


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Life Class is every Tuesday at noon central.  Join me for the next one to get the Light Activation you need to turn your passion into profits.


I work with thought-leaders, entrepreneurs, CEO’s, change-agents and visionaries, helping you identify and clear blocks that have been keeping you trapped under an 'invisible ceiling. Without clearing these internal blocks and limits, it is IMPOSSIBLE to become the person you are here to be, and no course, program or investment is going to change that. This is the land of the unconscious, the shadow-self and the invisible limits that are driving most of your behaviors, whether you are aware of them or not. 


To learn more about the available options for working with me one-on-one or joining the ILLUMI NATION™ Revolution, now!




For you, you beautiful, mystical magician, you coach of repute, you honouring of pathways teacher. if you're an author, coach or entrepreneur, this free training is going to be invaluable. 


I work with thought-leaders, entrepreneurs, CEO’s, change-agents and visionaries, helping you identify and clear blocks that have been keeping you stuck. Inn these calls we're bringing vision down to earth - how do you actually bring it to life? Together, we map out the pathway, processes and the EXACT action steps that will take you towards the destination you desire as rapidly and efficiently as possible. You won't get stuck at the idea stage any longer - you'll have the tools you need.



“I was going through a difficult change in my personal life, and I came here to rediscover myself ... what I ended up finding was remembrance of who I truly am. I'd never experienced that level of healing before.  It is unparalleled to anything I have experienced before."


“This retreat has given me some amazing things back in my life. I feel a new connection with my body, a release, emptiness and room for new possibly again, surrounded in a group of people where I feel safe, and I feel me again. it's been a true pleasure, and a revelation.   that you could do for yourself.” 



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