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3 visits, Two Months Management, SuPPORT and Guidance

Your team. They want to grow, to efect change, .to get focuse on the big picture But managements issues are rife within indiustries; tehy end up with toxic infighting, misfocused directions, interpalys between team members that pull the entire group down - power plays, dominacne tactcis, dishonest responses and separation from the higher calling and bision. 


If these aren't resolved; they kill the business. They are the single determining factor between success and failure. Accountiblty was missing my my business, and I hired for enthuasim and horse sense. I learned better the next time. In my years as an entprenuerial coach, I have seen teams that rise - and those that faile. Value systems, respect for difference,s a healthy hiaerarchy, and communication - endless, ongoing communication - are key ingredients. but there is a secret suace too - the interplay of greatness and the aligmment of personalites, and different internal visions - with the same outer goal. 


Business that change things are important. Visionary companies often don't have the framework they need for success, and emotions - or the strongest personality - takes hold. I help align business with their vision and goals, elveraging the personalities and subtle intentions of the group, getting them guided, on track, and levreaging a deep form of response for the different focs of the team. Sometimes, the unconcious motivations of a group will leave you dead in the water- untapped greatness can see you rise. 

If you're ready to step into your potential, and get the tools you need to rise beyond your conditions join me at CATALYST. 


Over this 3-day intensive, you will learn and experience what it is to: 

  • Clear past limits and unconscious blocks 

  • Release trauma and fear and create new neural pathways towards love

  • Move past money fears, societal-imposed limits and find out how to become spirit-led

  • Discover key ways to lead with love as a Catalyst for Change

  • Create a SOUL-Led plan 

  • Learn how to grow past your limits and build the career and life you want

  • Activate your highest calling






This is a package for leading management teams of organisations that are at 3 million or more in revenue, typically with a management team or 5-10 people. 


The caveat: I will offer you guidance. Sometimes that will be tough - a suggestion to get rid of a favoured employee for example, or to set boundaries with toxic followers.


If you choose not to follow that guidance, I will not be responsible for results; a favourite game of management teams is to bring in support to feel like things are changing, and then not implement. I only work with teams who are used to leveraging change, implementing, and are sincerely focused on changing things for the better. 

This is a spiritual process as much as a practical one, but is rooted in foundational strategies, leading edge business strategies and solid guidance. 



Over this 3-day intensive, you will learn and experience what it is to: 

  • Initial Meeting to establish goals and to determine blocks
  • A spiritual reading designed to articulate the individual spiritual missions of the team, to leverage gifts and inner calling

  • 3-in person days, spread out over two months (I'll fly in)

  • A follow-Up Schedule of Actions Steps

  • A Process Designed for Rapid Change Internally

  • A Checklist for Implementation

  • The Future, Revealed. Future Cross-Referenced and Key Goals Mapped Ahead. This alone is a million dollar moment for the right minds and expansive thinker. I am leveraging awakened consciousness - not guessing or theorising. There is a very big difference. If you are not sure what I mena, I am pleased to explain during our initial meeting. 

  • Individual Meetings with Key Management Team Members 


  • Breakfast and Lunches included

  • Meeting at a 5-star location, offsite

  • Individual sessions for Key Management Team Members

  • Key Limits Identified, Hard Truths Revealed and a Pathway Forward

  • Artisan B.Grace Teas and Coffees, Green Juices

  • Coverage on my Social Media ChannelGreen Juices Available 


“I was going through a difficult change in my personal life, and I came here to rediscover myself ... what I ended up finding was remembrance of who I truly am. I'd never experienced that level of healing before.  It is unparalleled to anything I have experienced before."


“This retreat has given me some amazing things back in my life. I feel a new connection with my body, a release, emptiness and room for new possibly again, surrounded in a group of people where I feel safe, and I feel me again. it's been a true pleasure, and a revelation.   that you could do for yourself.” 


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