Welcome to the entire collection of One Minute Meditations. Bookmark this page and check back often; it is ever-growing. You'll find notice of them on my Instagram page, so make sure you follow me there.

Remember, meditation isn't a test you can pass or fail; it is a place of worship, a chance to connect with the divine and our center within. It is a skill, like any other, and it's normal to lack attention at the beginning. It's important to allow for that.

These brief, one-minute meditations are short for a reason; I want to build success, and also to show you how transformative just a single minute can be. There is no failure. You cannot. Just watch, focus and transcend your mind-thought for just an instant, or longer. The more you aim for stillness the less it is achievable, so just allow it to emerge, gently, a flower-opening. One second only is enough. Then build from there. 

For those of you that are energetically advanced, you may notice a frequency in each. Allow that and enjoy the energy and intention behind each recording; they're uniquely coded and ascension support for those on a spiritual pathway for awakening. Replay as you like.

I continue to add to these regularly, so make sure you bookmark this page and check back in often for your next meditation.


Play on repeat if you like - or just watch once. Find a favorite if you like. 

Watch the meditation. Absorb. Allow. Witness. Don’t see any response of your mind as a failure - just witness and watch where your brain lands at still, and then build on that moment. One second, two. 

Observe it all without judgment. It ‘is’. It is simple for a reason. It is shakily filmed for a reason. It is. You watch the way you watch for a reason. It is. Bring this level of acceptance to your normal life, and you will entirely transform your reality.  


There is no right or wrong way, the way you are watching is perfectly right.
"I am doing this wrong" (aka, the theory that you are failing somehow) is only a story that is waiting for extreme allowance and vast amounts of love and acceptance.
You can offer that. 

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