I want to work with you. You, that person, who has meaning built into their bones and a vision in their hearts for a better world.

When you think of your career, what do you feel? Are you excited, awakening to your drive and desire for a better world, and living your potential, or are you eaking out a meager living, living to pay the bills, with the proverbial 'golden handcuffs', or are you working for 'the corporate man' in a career that you don't enjoy or like? Are you working for dollars and wanting a life with meaning?


Perhaps you've shifted to a meaningful lifestyle but still haven't figured out how to bring the clients or abundance you seek to your work.

What if you could find a training program that checked the boxes to bring yourself into alignment with heart, soul and spirit, and allows you to make an ample living too, without having to invest the time and dollars into building your own platform? What if you could rise to the top of the ranks in the coaching industry, without having to chase, create, lie, or struggle?

The real golden ticket: A life that feels peaceful, allows you ample time with family and friends, and gives you the burden of choice about vacation destinations, not struggle. The one that allows you to care for others, without it taxing your mind or your heart, or draining your spirit, energy and hopeful ways. 

Before developing several businesses and a Facilitator technique, and working on other platforms, after deciding I wanted to help serve others, I developed my own private practice as a coach, healer, guide and spiritual teacher. I lived it, and realized that the integration of business ense was difficult when you were in one on one engagment with clients. It wasn't that I couldn't do it - I had - it was that the focus was shifted. A healer needs and has different goals and focus. You may notice the same in your practice.  

What that means: I merged the two. I decided to bring the level-headed financial mindset back to my work, the actions around building a business, while building the program that would support the facilitator in bringing their practice to responsible and intelligent abundance, with the possibility of building a long-term career. If you think it's not 'right' for you to make money, then you've been talking to someone who is pulling healers or wellness coaches down, adopting a mindset that keeps helpers poor while they benefit. 

Except, sort of not really I spent years in the coaching industry and private practice, and the Zeitgeist programs is the culmination of years of effort and brings together both my work as a world-renowned healer and mentor and the business mindset and sales training which will bring your work to life in a way that allows you the peace of mind and real freedom of choice.

Do you believe that the coaching industry needs a watchguard, a method and a process that can help align call to freedom starts from within. It's knowing that there is something more waiting for you. Sadly, when we ignore it, the call escalates.

Clients have struggles. You have the solution. You have a program that has been mapped out to change lives, to take them from Struggle Point A to inspired Z, and to build their future in alignment with their goals, dream and reality.  


In order to become a facilitator, the steps are simple. Read on. 


 Zeitgeist TM  is a 16-week journey to guide seekers, visionaries, emerging thought-leaders and heart-based dreamers into inspired lives and purpose-driven work, giving them the strategies, new perspectives, frameworks and accountability they need to succeed, heal their past, and surpass their own expectations. It's a combination of mind, body, energetic, and personal evolution that leads to lasting results, with a guided pathway to help you move forward efficiently in your life and work. 

Where go you, so does the world. Your happiness, satisfaction and right life inspires the world around you. Better choices. Bigger visions for betterment. THIS is the key reason ZeitgeistTM  exists. 


You know you are here to do something to help heal and support our better future. The Zeitgeist program is a guidance system towards awakening, grace and a better life. We are all one. That is all that is. 

If you know you want a career with meaning, the Zeitgeist training is the pathway to supporting each other while making a difference and building a life. You are responsible to the process. It is simple, comprehensive, and practical and channeled with spiritual evolution and enlightenment in mind.

You, as a Zeitgeist guide, help others as they build the life the want, and design your business around a model that requires only a day a week with clients, giving you time to build the rest of your business and life. We license you, and you have the option of creating a practice online or off. Marketing is a key part of Zeitgeist, and the approach to sales is this: what you generate you keep. What you grow, you benefit from harvesting. 

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Quality is important to us. That means you'll be guided through high-end customer service, a bespoke approach, and curated content creation for your brand. You'll also enjoy materials that are best-in-class, so that your client presentation is one of the best in the industry. If you know that your clients matter, they do too; so we advise approaching them like clients that are in the midst of a life transition and visiting a five-star resort. The material are high-end, luxurious, and best-in-class. 

The Zeitgeist program is world-class; this means that you can focus on developing relationships, service and sending meaningful messages. The reason Zeitgeist exists is simple. To help others as they develop their best life. To give them the tools, guidance and reassurance that they need to make strong, powerful choices for themselves.

You are given the tools you need to succeed. I've worked on the creation of the material for several techniques, and I can unequivocally say that these are better, more comprehensive and smartly designed.  They're streamlined to focus you on the right goals so that you can get the results you want (provided you take the right actions). 

Using the guidance within the Zeitgeist formula, they follow the system. You apply the tools given as a trained Facilitator, and the technique if you have a center. Each week, you message meaningful messages and new clients come into the Zeitgeist process. 




And relax. example and to ensure they have ample time to rest anstable, loving approach. Thir work is high priority, and they understand that to get results that they must take the right actions to build, market, and share their business. They provide and understand that the role of a Facilitator is to lead be  A Zeitgeist Facilitator is someone who has a sincere desire to support the lives of others and aAs a Zeitgeist facilitator, you are here to do something important; positively affect people's lives and change their trajectory.


 A networker, a lover of people and a theorist by heart, liking principles,

enlightened thinking, and the creation of a better world?

Amped up by the community, dedicated to making a positive impact, and to seeing the light in others expand into positive change? 

Ready to escape the trap of one-on-one coaching and facilitating or leave your uninspired career for a more meaningful one?

  •  Ready to earn an ample income for doing good work?

  • Want to meet your future with purpose and courage and conviction

  • Are personally responsible and proactive by nature

  • Are in or are considering a future career in wellness, healing or personal development

  • Want a tested structure and framework to give your caring a focus

  •  Want to explore wellness, personal development and spiritual growth as a career path? 

  • Want to merge the esoteric, the sacred and the spiritual with a solid business framework and process? 

  • Feel you want something more from your life and are ready to take charge of your future

  • Want to be of service to others in your next chapter

  • value our core ideals of personal freedom, 

  • Want accountability to a technique that merges both energetics and time-tested transformational techniques with new, emerging technology. 

  • You like artisan coffee, a great read, travel with meaning, and long-hour cafe conversations in which you explore fascinating minds, opportunities and ideas.

  • You are not a victim, you are a creator. You are here to determine your own fate, take charge of your future, and are dedicated to a successful career pathway that helps others.

You, upcoming Zeitgeist to-be, want a high-calibre program to take you on your journey, a clear and guided map and process.

    • A career with meaning; and on the leading forwfront of our new economy.

      The personal development and the spiritual industry is growing rapidly, and the pace for future-earning potential has never been higher. Mindvalley, a leading expert in the field of personal development, predicted by the year 2020 that the focus on spirituality, wellness, and personal development would groundswell to 20 million from 5 million, in the US alone. What was once the domain of the esoteric or weird aunt, has become a cultural phenomenon, leading our world towards new principles; integrated consciousness, holistic wellness, and the oath of Socrates; intentionally do not harm. The industry continues to the groundswell, with maintaining requires goals. They miss that. 
      • When you help someone transform and help them move from a life that isn't working into one that is, you are unlocking a key: a doorway to better choices, more confidence, a meaningful feeling of purpose and typically, states of compassion, joy and hopeful community. The community and support is an agenda towards their better life.

        When you choose to become a Zeitgeist Facilitator, you are joining a tribe of the 'best of the west’ leaders, thinkers, authoritarians, artists, wisdom-seekers, creators and world-changers, avid and impactful heart-led souls who are led by ideals and passionately; embrace a new way of living and the theory that a life with meaning will always impact others positively. 

        Who Are You

        A Zeitgeist Facilitator is a process-driven dynamo, ready to take others through a journey that will teach them how to meet life’s challenge, alter their perspective, heal their past and take charge of a brand new life. It is an inspiring, personally satisfying career.

        You’re responsible, practical and grounded
        Driven by core values, want to improve the lives of others, and

        Are you looking for an online career with meaning?


The extraordinary life you want and the results you seek directly source from within. 
Without developing personally, the life you want will always stay just out of reach,
and you run the risk of settling for the average, the uninspired, the "not-quite-but-it's-alright".
Leadership requires change. Growth demands a compass.

What if you found a process that could accelerate, heal and bring you to your next life stage with ease? One that could awaken your highest potential, guide you to better choices, establish a reliable framework for your life that you decided upon which could lead you from strenght to strength? 


Your dreams can come true.  

Using techniques developed specifically for lightworkers,
the Zeitgeist
TM  Formula takes you from struggle point A to inspired Z and teaches you to happily navigate through your life, set effective boundaries, build new perspectives and take charge of your life. 

It encompasses spiritual and personal development, guided actions, and a somatic healing modality that will shape you into a new human, capable of bringing your goals to life and awakening your unique potential. 

The ZeitgeistTM  Program is a pathway designed mindfully to help you improve your life, awaken your potential and shape your future consciously and practically.

You'll find methods to help you heal, make happier choices and get clarity on how to radically clear your blocks, even if you haven't been able to shift them until now.  



Interest in Personal and Spiritual Development
Unique Drivers and a 
Willingness To Stand Apart
A Feeling They are Different From The People Around Them

Radical Self-Honesty
 A Desire To Effect Positive Change

Curious, Often Creative 
Inspired by Ideas
Awakening to a New Reality

Ready to take Action Towards Growth
Ahead of the Curve and Thinking Differently Than The Rest

A Certain 'Spark' That Sets You Apart


You'll Recieve

  • Guidance through the Zeitgeist Training

  • Access to the Client Zeitgeist Experience for Free

  • All Training Materials

  • Group Calls for Ongoing Support

  • A Private Facebook Group

  • Monthly Strategy Calls

  • Sales Training

  • Access to Videos for Acceleration

  • Brand Guidelines

  • Training for Client Acquisition

  • Better outlook on your work and a connected tribe

  • Ongoing meaningful messages

  • A plan to Profit

  • Guidance through your first client getting

  • Opportunity to open a center

  • Beautiful, bound Training Manual

  • Extras

  • Invites to Retreats
    A meaningful Career

The ZeitgeistTM Facilitator Training Stands Apart

+ A smart, well-executed process through personal development and into awakening your highest potential 

+ Access first as a client
+  Personal development and spiritual mentoring
+   Energetic shifts + ongoing access to a support team

+   First access to new training + Somatic healing techniques

+  World-Class Training
+   Tools + useful strategies for growth
+   Relevant, tested pathways towards your goals
+   Refinement of your personal habits 
+   Success and awakening mindset
+   Goal-setting and ongoing accountability 

The Zeitgeist Program is designed for world-changers. 
As a Facilitator, you'll guide clients through the program. The program is simple and intelligently designed, with rich content and careful clarity. designed to help you gather your own truth, build your own inner freedom. It is a framework, not a religion. The focus throughout is on you getting happy and staying hopeful, awakening your enlightened potential, developing internally to claim your right life. The processes are clear, and actions simple. Your heart leads the way. And it's important. You simply cannot live your best life when you are stressed out, unwell, miserable and struggling to pay your bills. 

Facilitator, meet your new client.
In addition to your own practice, the project for Zeitgeist is gathering additional clients and then sending them your way. If you want your own clients, you'll market. If you want to be a facilitator only, you'll tell us that, and we'll generate the clients for you. Both are fine; stick to your heart and gifts. For clients you gather, you keep all. The clients we bring you, you keep 50%. 

Project Zeitgeist. 
We're awakening. The world is too. The facilitator program is a good one; the process and great one; the people are IN. The people who make it to training the ones that will shape our future. The technique is channeled, which means spiritually guided. The technique and process within the book is the careful product of years of preparation, guidance, and experience on multiple world-level personal development techniques. 

Project Zeitgeist brings children home. it looks at the most harmful practices in our planet; slavery, child abuse, sex trafficking, and a 10% of each facilitator license fee each year,
straight off the top, goes towards resolving these. 


We want this modality to go widespread, and touch many lives. It also feels important to note that accessible personal development beyond exorbitant coaching fees benefits those that take it - and those that are impacted by them.

Further, it’s half the rate of other coaching and double the quality. My goal; is to have this go widespread. You, in exchange bring your commitment dedication and mindset of ‘this n’t work unless I push for it" and make it happen with daily, determined action. You are the Catalyst. they are the need. 

Here's How it Works

Once you've applied, you'll be contacted by someone
from our team for our first meeting.

The best part of the training is that you get to go through it too. It's free, and ensures that you'll understand the client experience. You can also offer us best-practice improvement along the way, the best of which we'll integrate. Collaboration is an important aspect of the Zeitgeist family. 

You'll spend the first four months as a client, with additional training to prepare you for the following five months. But get this; you can bring clients to the first training with you, and we'll pay you 50% of their fee, so you can be generating profit as quickly as your first day. Then, once you're licensed, you'll generate your own clients, and just pay us the yearly licensing fee.
Other costs such as materials and retreats are additional. 

The next program starts soon. Don't delay.

Now, here's the best part of Zeitgeist. You don't need to pay your training; if you bring clients along with you. That is an incredible, powerful thing. We know that the high cost of licensing fees can sometimes be a deterrent. If you wish to become a facilitator, you can become one; just bring eight clients to your first training, and you'll get 50% of their fee - and we'll keep the rest, and train you for free. That first client load gets you started (get as many as you like, but a minimum of eight). 

This program is sticky and works. This means that typically, after training, they'll refer friends, and you'll experience the training alongside them, and continue to market; once you're completed your training you became a standard Facilitator, which means you keep all your revenue and just pay us the yearly $800 licensing fee and material costs. 

When you think you're on path, something will rise up to greet you; that old identity, that current struggle. The thing you do then chapters your future; o you turn and run, or do you met it head-one, with wisdom  and grace?


Early Bird Offere: $7,995 for the first 9 facilitators, then the price goes up to $11,995.

Not everyone will be able to afford the licensing fee; without money, options can seem limited. That's why we offer this: If you want to be a facilitator, but cannot afford the rate, get at least 8 new clients for your practice. You keep 50% of  the sale, we train them. The training is on us.

You'll go through the first , for free, Zeitgeist training on your own with your new people, and then you'll be licensed to practice after an interview with Baji and a test to establish confidence, understanding and quality.

Ready to Leap?

You may be scared. and there is a strange phenomena; when you're about to shift into a new future, the old one will resist, and things will inevitably come up to block you. That old identity. Computer issues. the broken care battery. Computer in resistance. Far from this being negative, it is a cry for help from your future self, to let go of the things that stopped you. To face the blocks, the bricks walls, and to step with determination into your future.


Just $2975us or 4 monthly payments of $695us.

Life-altering gatherings. Enlightened conversations. Table topics offered, world leaders emerging.

The gatherings online and off make ZeitgeistTM truly life-changing.
The sheer force and enthusiasm of the community makes it invaluable — and fun.

You'll find unparalleled experiences. The best friend masterminding. The accountability buddy. The soul-sisters. The enlivening co-leader. The secret crush. The inspiring mentor. The spiritual and energetic connections which support personal evolution.

You'll feel hopeful, excited, and alight with fiery potential.
What will you create in your brand new life?

I am thankful. I am happy to know you.
You will alter your perspective dramatically during this time together.
Join me now. 


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