Spiritual growth awakened freedom.

All my work lends to this one true thing:
I awaken. 

I help those who are here to teach, author, lead, build better businesses, elevate lives, and serve the world. I like to help your message rise. 


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I’m a paragraph. Double click here or click Edit Text to add some text of your own or to change the font. Tell your visitors a bit about your services.


I’m a paragraph. Double click here or click Edit Text to add some text of your own or to change the font. Tell your visitors a bit about your services.


I’m a paragraph. Double click here or click Edit Text to add some text of your own or to change the font. Tell your visitors a bit about your services.


I’m a paragraph. Double click here or click Edit Text to add some text of your own or to change the font. Tell your visitors a bit about your services.

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Single Session. Awakening.

You're a multidimensional being. You want a successful business.

Aligned relationship. Met goals. Achieved desires. More.


When you are out of alignment, stuck, suffering under misconceptions, bad energy, or beliefs, your world will show this. In unhappiness. Suffering. Growth blocks. Money struggles. Relationship Issues. Justification.


Gaelyn, 70, photographer & personal development aficionado:
he best session I have ever experienced or had."


Underneath our desires, there are foundations; mind stories, insecurities, core beliefs, past history, experiences that have shaped us and defined our self-identities. They aren't always what you think.

When those are questioned, redefined, cleared and remapped, engineered to greatness and truth, this will help you elevate past personal limits with a clear view towards your future. When energy is cleared, new light possibilities emerge. You'll be able to think differently, make better choices, and achieve different outcomes. You'll feel lifted, reclaim brightness, excitement, and feel ready for a bright new future. 

Less a single session than a full two-week experience, this experience will shape, define, and create a new possibility for your future. Spaces are limited to four a week, so book now.  

Personal Interview

Two-Hour Experience

Two-week of follow-up 

Pre-Session Mapping

Review of your identity

Full integrated reading

One-month check-in

$800 us

Aerial View of Barren Land


I know where change happens; in the home, in the work, in the heart, and in the hurt. In change. Change is difficult t the best of times. when it is unwanted, even more so. However, the possibility will never be brighter here. 

For some, a death, a loss or a cataclysmic change can hold a horrifying finality, throwing them off track for years, leaving them vulnerable to feelings of being lost, shysters and false directions. For others, it is the foundation for a life with vitality, freedom, and absolute personal choice. Be that one. 

If you understand the possibility within a transition, you'll know that even when it is a perceived negative ending, you have the possibility to create a miraculous fresh new start. To release gently, gain new perspectives, and to create anew with grace. 

Trouble is, if your survival instinct kicks in, as is natural during times of change and turmoil, it can be difficult to create your biggest future. You may blame the circumstances, instead of naming the possibility.  Do unfair things. Out of character, you act. Quit. Hoard. Fight, resist, blame, defend... others respond, so that your world suffers. You have strength here. Misdirected, it crumbles mountains, directed, it creates legends and leaders. The scope of your possible future is right there, wanting to align with your choices, actions and inner gifts.

This is a breakdown ... to breakthrough. Into a whole new world. How you approach transitions is vitally important. I've worked with top leaders in their career in major transitions, and this program helped them come to life, renewed, and thriving again. 


This program is specifically designed for those at a high-level in their career who do not have the playtime to not move forward efficiently. You'll work directly with me throughout your transition experience. This package comes with two in-person optional visits. 





This is a year-long group mentorship program within a circle of other superstars and developing leaders.


Your inner-circle is the determining factor between a happy, prosperous life filled with support and success. Rising and shining? You need a strong, aligned team. It's critical.


As we grow, we sometimes outgrow. Those around us may be threatened by our success. Within any pathway an all-star team is important. 


You want to align and create with others who have had similar or greater success. You want momentum, action, and results. A thriving, joyful vision. A community to help you achieve it. You're ready to take charge, make it happen and step into your bright successful future. 


Meetings, initial retreat if required

Working with me directly through your transition

8 months on call

Creation of a personal pathway

Ongoing sessions

Mid-way meeting with all meals and extras included

$112,000 us

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Pathway: Awakening New Pathways

This is a business pathway. Your future, defined. Your goals, reached and surpassed. Old systems revamped. New strategies inspected, determined, then charged into.

If you've never coached, you'll understand why this is the fastest growing industry in the world. If you have, you'll know immediately that this is different; holistic, energetic, practical and strategic, defining past issues and aligning new tomorrows. 


If your systems are working, but ready for upleveling, if you know you want to grow personally, align your work, your business, your purpose and your mission with your innate talents and gifts, foster inner freedom in your work and team, and get on track to a brighter tomorrow, this willingness to dive into a new paradigm for your future will help you accelerate past old limits, take your new, biggest goals and dreams and help you shape them through practical action and guidance.


The beauty of this package is that it is a quick-in, quick-out, with rest time partway through, allowing you rapid acceleration, fast implementation, and then a breather halfway.


Mystical, actual, and practical, we'll develop all the theories we need to, focus our findings, create a rock-solid agenda, and plan and see you onto it, fully. I am your team. This is your time. 



  • Three months (ultimately four with rest and integration breaks)

  • Weekly sessions

  • Strategic guidance throughout

  • Goal-setting

  • Mindset review

  • Laser-sharp focus on personal limits

  • Strategies for growth and ongoing accountability

  • Refinement of operational systems

  • Meaning-based marketing approach

  • Team assessment & plan

  • Testing of personality and focus

  • Ritual development

  • Review of systems

  • Weekly hour and a half long meetings including materials and progress review

  • Review of business materials including website, marketing funnels, launch plans, growth model and collateral

  • Brand Visual Development

  • Packaging, prices a services

  • Crafted systems, videos and guidelines


  • Packaging

  • Brand Emotional Identity

  • Claiming with integrity

  • Funnels

  • Sales 

  • Client strategies

  • Process for client experience

  • SOP's 

  • Marketing plan

  • Long-term planning for scalable expansion

  • Technique and longevity

  • Retreat and events

  • Online social strategy

  • Community buildout

  • Press & identity strategy

  • Techniques

  • Book launch & planning

  • Podcasts and future positioning


Group Programs
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Why should people listen to you? Well, you've got a story to share. Yours alone. Things to teach, Wisdom to offer.


When you're blocked, fearful to shine, share, and communicate, your results will show this. If you're free of lingering fears and self-doubts, it's easy to share with faith and conviction. You have the freedom to speak, think, and act the way you want. Trouble is, you may be holding on to past pain; maybe, like many, you've felt rejection when truthful or blamed yourself for the emotional responses and discomforts of others. This has the effect of shutting down your voice. Your work, and freedom, suffers. 

This is a big program; with big results. 

Nancy Harms, a jazz singer, had her vocal range totally shift after working together. You will experience things that allow you to meet, share and trust your authentic, constant truths, with the effect of having others rely on your for your wisdom, sharing and guidance. 

We'll work through your origins and your future, make sure you're in resonance with your core truth (otherwise people feel it and don't trust your work). In this program, we'll explore the foundation of your speech process; why you speak the way you do, from family to ancestral, identify your verbal patterns, capture unwanted speaking 'tells', laser-in on hidden miscommunications, methods you use to self-sabotage, as well as defining then refining the things that make you particularly great.

Your voice has the potential to change lives. When it is truthful, bold, without fear, it will naturally inspire.  Others will want to follow. The ring of truth is loud.  Bold, kept shape the minds and hearts of those that hear you, perhaps even future generations, grow businesses, launch movements, but most of all, allow you to share what is really in your heart. 

This 12-week program will help you step fully into your unique authentic voice, free to fully share and shine. 


Zoom Calls

Training & focused growth around your best voice

A guided workbook
Live in-person session

Private voice clearing

Online Access

Special Grop for Q and A

Weekly materials released

$997 us

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Zeitgeist is a comprehensive, guided awakening and personal development program led by a facilitator, designed to align your energetics with your intention and to take you through a process designed to open your heart, release old blocks and patterns that have held you back, and align your energy while helping you take action towards the life you want.


If you want to make sure you are aligning energy, goals, dreams and desires, releasing your past and changing your future, Zeitgeist will guide you through.

This 28-week program will guide you, clear you, activate and create you, to help you step fully into your unique greatness, your authentic voice, and your sharing way. It is designed to be Covid 19 immune. 


Full Access to the 28-week program


Guided Process

Weekly Online Training Calls

Weekly Sessions 

At-Home Practice


Online Video Trainings


Training in an at-home healing and personal Development Technique

$2795 us

Woman Walking in the Field


  • An 8-month membership

  • Weekly zoom calls

  • Weekly facilitated sessions

  • Monthly Live Q and A

  • Access to materials

  • A mastermind group and guiding principals

  • Long-lasting energetic change and the ability to transform your life

  • An inspirational, motivational approach

  • Special gifts

  • $500 in B.Grace beauty products

  • Access to all my training at special rates

$12,000 us

If we can't work together personally, I do hope you'll check out one of my other products, services or attend an upcoming event.
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