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You are an infinite creator. You want awakened growth and business creations. Success. A harmonious relationship. Consciousness. A legacy-build. Your integrated reality: life, relationship, purpose. In sessions we explore the fundamental aspect of your story, then evolve you to align your choices with your biggest vision.

Some of who you are is metaphysical in origin. You are a spiritual being walking this planet. You think, therefore you are. You want, and you create. You were (lives, identities, career), and this impacts your current reality, often without your awareness. You want to grow, know, elevate. Together we weave, evolve and bring your spiritual call into your earth-led footing. Intuition and guidance co-create. Consciously dictate goals to the universe. Alter reality.

You're ready for big-picture thinking. An awakened mindset. Skill with energetic activations and siddhi development. Actions. Clarity of purpose. Clear guidance. Process-driven thinking. Heart-led wisdom. Energetic transformation. Read on for specifics of my one to one options.





Private Year-Long Mentoring

This is goal-setting excellence. Working with magic. Alignment with soul.

Heart-Led Group Masterminds & Events

Inner Circle

12 pathways.
12 minds.
12 goals to greatness.
12 guided months.


6-month group program

Events & Workshops

Individual Introductory Session

To my knowledge, I am the only one in the world doing what I do. 

The layers of reality reveal, and I am. The integration of timelessness, your view of reality, your past and the endless self reveal a healed, interconnected truth. A quantum reality. Paradigms of unhealed self evaporate.  Truth reveals and evolves.  I also have a structured past that allows me to bridge both the metaphysical reality and this one. Transformation continues long after the session is over. 

Private sessions are for world-leaders and theorists. Teachers and speakers and guided seekers.

  • You know evolving is a necessary aspect of growth and leadership

  • You want resolving. You know you may have inner blocks that are holding you back

  • You're in a transition and want clarity, lightness ease and support

  • You want to connect to a spiritual reality beyond this one

  • You understand that trauma or pain can shape your future perspective 

  • You want to be feeling better, lighter, free and full of new enthusiasm and hope

  • You seek clarity over your pathway

  • You want to discover who you are and what you are capable of

  • Awakening


The change is typically lasting. These are not one-off experiences. They are lengthy sessions, hours of separate work, multiple touchpoints and encompass several weeks. I work in an extreme, highly specific, detailed, and process-driven fashion. 

I no longer work privately with those who are unable to afford my current rates. Please make sure the investment is within your world-view. For more on my causes and great works, check out my causes page here

This includes an intake 30-minute call for me to create a session strategy
3 hours preparation time

1-1.5 hour Session 

Three weeks follow up with an additional call if required

$1497 Per Session 

Integrated Greatness

Developing spiritually, full of skills and knowledge in our real world. Past successes, future questions and desires. As above, but with multiple online sessions in a week (8 in total), with a month-long strategy mapped out, typically for a singular goal that you want to see significant changes with and have worked with for a long while. This is also a package those wanting to advance their chosen career or spiritual pathway select.

23,000 k Per Package



This is a big one. The change you seek in an intensive, thoughtful year. If you know  a change is needed, and the burden of your life. its focus, and the way you lead it has become too great, this may be the right package for you. 

I fly to you, three times, and throughout the year on call, we work closely together to ensure your growth, stability and new beginnings. Your mind, energetics and spiritual awareness will rapidly evolve. At your core, you know you are ready ; that life you wanted, just in reach, will now seem easy to inhabit. But you may need a champion, someone to guide you there, who truly has your best interests at heart with the mindset to match it. If you are in the public eye, you may be dealing with unique metaphysical issues which are resulting in mood swings, uneven moods, body pain,
a variety of types of mind chaos or visions, sudden loss of events or revenue, and addictions. These are not always emotional in origin and can be resolvable, often instantly, so we can get focused on your other objectives and goals.  

This is a dedicated package designed for world-leaders who are designing a legacy impact, someone on their management team or family. If you want structure, evolution both spiritually, energetically and practically, this is the guided goal that will inevitably change your life.


If you are in transition, you know that you resuming your life in a healthy, elevated way is critical, and financially necessary, but you don't want to go back to the old life. You want something new, empowering, freeing. But that needs a special touch when you have vast levels of responsibility and many people counting on you.  

During our time together, we work together to support your vison and dreams, spiritually evolve your perspectives and beliefs, align your feelings, choices, moods and intentions, and help you claim happiness. Your beliefs, approach to reality, mindset and energetics are all looked at, expanded, evolved.  If needed, diets are designed, addictions are monitored if that is a concern, and world-experts leveraged.  We work together to design your optimal future, then you journey into that.

Sessions are ongoing and specifically designed throughout. 

Two luxury vacations with me; the first for inquiry, the second to celebrate your year and trajectory
A plan developed, monitored, shifted and scaled throughout the year
In-person time during the year (specifics discussed according to calendars and goals)
This is a significant investment for those with great responsibility.

 Typically, you are globally-focused, running and growing a significant platform or empire or involved with one and know that inner need dictates you need a great change. Discretion, quality, excellence, awakening and a total life transformation is a key hallmark of this package. 

$1,000,000 us


Inner Circle Mastermind

12 pathways. 12 minds. 12 goals to greatness. 12 guided months.


You know you need this: Accountability, clarity, people who love you and lead you forward. Access to higher-level thoughts and reminders of what your gifts are when life feels tough.  You want a mastermind group that will offer space, guidance, clear-thinking, inquiry and a high-level community to take them there.

This is it, sister. Find your way, brother. Concepts, clarity, new thought-mind. Each month a new ringleader. Teaching you the way, so at the end of this program you'll have absorbed the best thinking and best practices of your entire success-circle. Seen what works and learnt what failed, in this totally transparent and non-judgmental space. Top-level thinking. Mastery of thought. Eradication of limits. Spiritual growth. A group designed to help you claim your platform, role, life or partnership in a powerful way.

In each group there is a sacred pact towards privacy, personal accountability, and being seen with a loving, devoted and truthful eye. We hold a critical approach towards bypassing issues, skipping over pain points, encourage radical honesty towards others and projections which stops you from seeing your gifts, greatness,  and growth available to you. Imposed self-limits, grandiosity, false growth, people-pleasing, lack of management of resources of self-care, and anything else helping you stay hidden in the egoic personality, which prevents the real-you from showing up fall away in the light inherent in this awakened consciousness of an available mind. So you can claim your future, purposefully. 

Each month I work directly with the leader that cycle to guide and support them as they bring their wisdom to the circle. 

Topics change monthly.

Each has a chance to lead.

This is your extraordinary future.
120 k 12 months

123,000 us

Group more your style?

Leaving, letting go, falling in love, truth-seeking tribe-building. Energy guides the way.
Check out Zeitgeist, my energetic awakening and personal life development program. 


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