Welcome to OMM. Dive deep, not long.
Allow. Surrender. Release. You'll feel the energy flowing.
Do it again, until you're ready to emerge.

Methods To Get the Most Out Of Your OMM

This is a hallelujah. To nature. To secret moments. To sacred senses. To the power of nature to define our reality, mood and available sense of worship.


Play on repeat if you like - or just watch once. But deepen.

Absorb. Allow. Don’t see any response of your mind as a failure; just witness and observe where your brain lands, and then build on that moment. One second, two. 


Observe it all without judgment. It ‘is’. It is simple for a reason. It is shakily filmed for a reason. It is. You watch the way you watch for a reason. It is. Bring this level of acceptance to your normal life, and you will entirely transform your reality.  


There is no right or wrong way, the way you are watching is perfectly right.
"I am doing this wrong" (aka, the theory that you are failing somehow) is only a story that is waiting for extreme allowance and vast amounts of love and acceptance.
You can offer that. 

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