separation and stillness for greater awakening, inner peace and love for the whole world  

Separation from others can go one of two ways; into a desperate misery of unresolved agony, boredom, and anxiety, feeling like you are climbing the walls... or, you will find the deepest state of peace and freedom you will ever know.

6 years ago I spent 45 dayas alone on a beach house in hiland I went through the deepst state of isolation I'd ever known; me,  y computer, a notepad and hte walls, with the occasional detour into a town where I spoke to no one 
It was the pain I needed to move beyond the ego. 
The loneles insppi8red spearation. the distance from otehrs connected me mopre cleo9sely to a gsomething depepr within, Truthfully, I did not know hw I wold do it fasting, on smoothies and potto sop every third day, I felt like I was dying in moments. then, I discover5ed this: what I was seeking was'n the company of others, it was the openness of soul. Tuhtully, I did not want to be anyone durin gthat time, I was so misewrable; teh closer I got to truth the deepr I went, the moere I hurt. Finally, the breakthroguh cam one day when i relid that all my hurting was for nothing;t hat the entire thing was a grad, made-up illusion, wi8th niothing mattering more than any otrher thing My eog cried, sobbing fists wailing I called out for somegthing new, a deeper senbnse of felt truthl. 
And then i woke To god, to a stteof  onciiusness beyond myself, to a connectionw ith the sace, with the stars, moving smealessly between the two. it was my irst communion wit the concept of the etneral I am, the senes of selfoutsief self. And it took that solitutde, that spearationf rom society, whfor who I thought Iw as to dissolve and for who I turuly was to come to life The space from others can be your greatnest techer, the biggest gift you will ever offer yourself. Or, i8t can be another endless distraction, where the ego takes over, the pain and misery of our conditon runs our current perspective nad we contiue n tghe same trjector.y Our hidden chice. Our greastest chance for a collective awklening is now. 


What is NOW can reveal itself; if we know how to look.
I know how to see.

During your session experience, I'll share your future (the part we orient towards) with you in a session that goes beyond psychic awareness into a truly awakened experience of a reality that science is just coming to grips with.

I know it sounds surreal, but the theory of time as a linear thing is inaccurate.
I would like to share this: If you still believe time is linear, you are missing a key point; we are in a molecular reality, and anything that existed past, present and future is also now.  


Each session opens avenues of possibility, clarity and the graceful knowing that allows for a deep sense of peace and massive clarity.

Monks meditate on a mountain for a reaosnl. 

tyhe separation io9f self from others is a required pathway; to remove yourself from the conditons and the desires of those round oyu, to see yourself juxtsaposed against something greater, to become one with something other than your family or yourfutuere. To see this: The interonnectednessof yourself wit the air, the trees, the space beyond self, ot the arms and the tangledd hearts of hte community you ind yourself in which,wwill, though loving or firm or entrneche dor codepende, inevitably have you in relaitonhip with something othr than yourself. 

This winter, I fektl called to do more time in solu9itude First, in Singaproe a week alone i a hotel. I almost kielcd myself, My ego had grown so attached to the noton of separation, or self worht, of value dn I'd felt a failure that year during the final stage s of an awkening that threatned to capsize my snese of self and intellect. Instead of epxnading, I'd contrctd inot old stories of mattering. I cold not breahte in mments, but through that week I also watched myslf the wves of emotions, the obrtserver alive, adn Ic ame to terms iwth myself in relatonship to the old me - and the new onel What did I want to levave, who9 did I want to be these times are an inevtible ending, and also the biggest changge we hacve, the opening to a new life and a new sense of hopepfulness. 


How? I remembered myself. Time collapsed. We are not just this body.


Over Christmas I felt the sme call, this time due to the reactons of a group of women that wer ehurtful at best, in tentionally cruel at worst. I didn'thave the reosurces of the tie management? GO TE... oh, go you. I am so sad without you. That's real I need you. I truy do Okay?


I did't have te mo? Are you okay?? I didn't ehave hte emotioanl reosurces to handle it. HHe loevd you. But I will worship and hoor you for this:

A gifted giveaway to help- those in separation find a true sense of peace adn connection within. 

I I went within. I spearate,d an went inti solitude, Kike moszt irrationalo decisions theis elt like a callig and not an easy one; I woudl ratgher have distracted, dance,d chased ideas and opportunieis, But fet the pull md the hurt dreew mye close to home, and I am thanfkful fo hte women who triggered it. This epside, this time alone, wa te single most hirrific time I hacve ever spent; an th emoszt transcdentan i felt  in jail,a dn over that time created and develped practices an trategies for myself. I was separate from people for 43 days. (afert moshe I wet in and after anne marie and Karina message).I shook a dnt rembled and went into trauam. Then, I didnt want to connect with anyone, feeling so unsafe that I went inwards, needing time to hea. In that time, I witnessed mself emerge; the aprts of me that I hated and the parts I moszt loved. IT was tirrlbe; and the gretreSt thing I have ever done. 

I remember thinking in the middle of it; thi9s muszt be what jail feels likel. I noted my animals felt Had their routine; morning walk around, check the house. afterno0on anafte a rest, they'd get food. Evening, wander. Frgo hunt i develo9ped the same strateiges. I had no tv to distrct me, so I worke dnad was home with my thoughts. I didn't want to speak with anyone else, ans o i onected, and did t6he work, looking bck to my past healin the thoughts of myself and deper still,t eh misrepresentations of reality htat had tsken over my pysche. I got drunk, twice, on gin. I ate poorly; rice nad vegetables. 

O the other side of htst timeI felt different; lighter, but deeper, A quiertness I had never known within emerged. So too did a distase for measuring u, or speaking t thothes with a false voice ior aiming for their approval. Al that had been lo9st nad I did not want to relcaim it;. I did not feel ike that was 

'me' any longer; the time apart had left its mark. Iw ent to the darkestz palces iwthin my psyche, and in theire, ffound hate, adn raet, and agian - this was  ahealmg thing, in that I could not shty away from it. kl,eft alone, we are faced with ourselve,s  the liht and the dark, the deepst depths of our sinsnaityies and our moszt hopefulesu and opeless selves.

i coped. I maanged, then I began to cet, an dthrouhg that time, I came to a new sense of pece within that feels absolu7tely unskaeale. the self sifficeiny I develped feel sunstooppale, and the lat time I will ever worry about you is toniht why? because of this:


I was a blind man then walked into a new body, a new life.

I was a mystic in Babylon, praying over runes. I lay in a bed for 16 years and traveled in mind instead of body. 

I went mad in an asylum, called in the winds as a shaman, ran chariots as a Roman Warrior, roamed fields as french child, was the jailed love of his life as the walls came falling, was stabbed in a throne room, and in each of those lives, abilities developed.
We carry our ancestral knowings.

At four, I told my mother she had named me the wrong name,
and that I was Sarah (we lived on a boat with limited access to people and no tv: I’d never met a Sarah).

But I was not a believer. Until I awoke, I thought mysticism was nonsense. I'd suppressed all but inner warnings in potential emergencies. 
Until reality started bending, time started breaking, and my perception of what was possible went along with it.


We bridge these worlds and lives, most without conscious understanding.

And yet I see you working these abilities daily. 

You carry this too, these ancestral blueprints, these genetic possibilities, 

unknown until you awaken and start experiencing phenomena.

Including a knowing of what may come. Time is the most desperate of illusions. 

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Each session is unique and unlocks viewing points into the future.

At your session time, we'll meet on zoom for our session. I send a link ahead. I typically ask you to send in 3-5 questions before to ensure we are focused. 

I let inner instinct and knowing merge with a variety of methods I have developed.
 During our time together I use a careful process to ensure I'm leveraging the most effective method to get to truth. 

Analytical? This is clear sight. A witnessing.
A bridging of time.
Past time is now time and your future will unveil.

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Each Session is One of a Kind

"I can't believe how accurate it was!"  Margaret

Our metaphysical reality is a carefully constructed illusion (and reality) that I leverage and deconstruct. 

From working with masters to reading through time, I'll employ various methods to get your insights locked-in and anchored down. I look for truth and cross-check along the way.


You know, to know.

This is often an introduction to my work. After the session, if we feel we're a good fit to work together, I'll share my ongoing session options. 


Daily Waking

+ Video One: establish Intention for your time. 
Where your mind goes is either your fear, or yor love

Each Day; Establsh you intention for your day - your focus: decide ahead
Vido Three: Watch the waves: Two big one snad four little ones Then, as your focus narrows you can sort ot yourparticulrs

The routine for the day adn your indset as you haead i What do you want to work f cous  today? You get to decide Withut hte influcne f others, you are left with yoursef 
Out day" tinking you are done That is HRTFUl - but meh right n9w as you haven't done your inner oh, you a woring? Or thining of workig DO THE WORK Beaut oh, you ar you're fuckng IT f- for mel Totally perfect for me I meant hat. all of you incuding that - why Upsetoh God hs a pa fo yu WH
What is your highest expresson" Now wati, and everythign that blocks you fro that will come up
Bored/ God Go deeper small swan
Watch the mind: when things uqwiet and stil you cns get to know yourself
your men: ? Nah. Your men:

During the Day

Your mind: Watch its thoughts. Where you focus is the life you create
Watch the rtyyhm and the pro9cess: When othis thought comes thereis usually a next consistent and repetitive thought. When that comes, what is the the next one. We see that as ourselves, but that is jjuts a thought. When you cn ikdentify the routine, thn you can strt to gain ownership over it, your thughs nad the next one. You can start to interrupt them by placing a new perception or thought htat. Therthis can be diccifult at firsdt, then over time it grows esier - and you find that you have authirty over youdr mind, your percerptions and your inner thoughts. YOU - who you think you are-  becomes choice. The midn is strong - but hte moment you are observing the mind,you have found the wy to break the control of thoughts nad teach yourslf a new way. Prcite is needed simply because it is  new skill like any othe (i.e how long would it take you to learn piano). Also, you will have rtemprer tanturm s and - like any child learning a skills, as many of these t hoguths hacve not been spoken to or interrupted isnce they first formsed ,as when you wer e achidlhood. So9 except emotonal disruptions as you are chaing them. 

Chold Work
Tkk to your inner child

the deeper Work


+ video two: When the waves come: Oberserve nad define

+  Video Three; In ancients hands we rise


+ Viode four: Your highest self

 + Video Five; In relationship you see yourself: Who are you beyond that?

Video six: When you are one with all, who you are is this: all 

Willpower is fading and you need reassurance you're on the right path


+ Overcoming the fear of death; the ego death 

Keeping Your Soul Alive and Your Mind High

Self-Healing Metechniqu7es (auditory, color, somatic, body or visualization (inner child) (they can depend this practice0l here


Releasing the odl you. Bringing in the new you

Who re you within teh construct: Watchignt eh emotions the beliefs, the nuances of thoughts

Everything stills when things quiet

Observing distractions and minimizing inner pain 

Letting go of attachyment

We are unredy

Om the last week, I went in with onloy a litre of water, a tap, nd half a bag of rice I sat with God, worked and prayd. I recorded these videos. I went to God, over man, and over and over aai, until this commitment became the foundation for my lne wlife the one with god, not man is a different sort of world; less prey to the emotioal ps and downs adn the fear htst beest me, ess need to engeg romatically to my own cost, and fr ther inepths of intensity than I'd ever expeicneed. I have. nothig that's tys hads e ca mve w yothats why whn yo r coser it chages now TGoal-setting for hee new yeear is the bigeszt ou wil ever have. NOW. He wnsts to tkae you out to iner 


+ A plan and a goal. What do you want to emerge as?

When a raging emoton rises: whjat is the truth underneath it, adn the teaching it carries?
Who are you, trulty? Observing the mind hroughout hte process


When you wake this ritual (use it to clear, increase cacactiy hea or awken)
The power of prayer (do the PRAYERS FOR FUCKS SAKE)


Future Focus: Plan Your Future
This golden opportunity
WHat do uyou want for your future
Taking stock of mnow, then planning
Out of ind, into heart
Look at your skills
Take the practica steps, adn tehn ewvolve these
Ifm ou were going to die, what wold you want to have accomplished? 

Dying: The soul-level perspective

Set your intentions

"Determine your fate: life or dearth A prison sentence or a communion 

A distraction o the depth of awakening; connecting t the shadow to find yourself

Growth on seed; spend time alone in solitude. 
When the brain and mind is overwhelming you, dane (music playlist)


+ PTH thought si keep noticing reoccurring are

+ The truth: what your feelings and find really want to kn9ow (teach them to reverse it towards mind)

+ Meditation practice; Daily commitment of 4 Minutes 40 or 4 hours


Plan for Profit. 

You know this is right for you if you have that feeling in your belly, that sigh of  'yes' in your heart, and that feeling that this might open up a possible future for you which before now felt impossible. I feel lucky and blessed to be able to share this work with you. 


 The current waitlist is approximately 3 weeks. I love working with you, and you repeat, so we're on to something.
If you need an emergency within 48 hours, click here.





You'll be seen. So will your future. Just a few of your words:

"I just wanted to say, "Thank You" for today's session. You are so great at what you do! I'm calming down and focusing because I see everything coming together and the steps being laid out in the correct order."
"Wow, just wow. I feel so clear."
"Baji is a quick-change agent. If you're looking or a serious transformation,
Baji is the one to work with."

"I would work with, around, for, close to, or any combination with Baji ... what she does is quite frankly legendary.”




In aloneness, we find comfort in prayer or our higher power.
In times of struggle, we discover our inner resources. 
In times of trauma and pain, we discover how we truly love.  

Some of these I use more than others. I have never had any vested interest in them beyond just normal 'wow, that's shocking/surprising/interesting/is that really real??' as most would have; they opened under my focus, exploration and naturally curious nature. At first, I thought it was just my mind playing tricks, but after a time, with enough real-world confirmation that it wasn't just made-up, it felt foolish not to believe there was something to it. I also, like many had that distinct state of 'knowing', which feels irrefutably peaceful. Many will experience their own abilities increasing after dedication to their spiritual pathway. I did not buy into it wholesale,e and I suspect this skepticism and light attachment actually allowed for me to observe and experience more. One cannot see beyond what one has identified with and as. What we believe is truth inevitably becomes that for us. 

The below list encompasses only the 'seeing' future aspect of my awakening. Many of these abilities are terrible to learn (at least to the ego or perceived 'I' state) and difficult to encompass, and the human brain struggles to integrate the information. But now that I have them, they feel like any skill one has and wants to develop and share. 
Some I discover in your 'field' when I am working; we are many marvels. 

If knowing the methods I use feels like too much, just know that I am thorough and adept at my approach. 





  • remote viewing

  • working with masters/perceived identities

  • intuiting (felt sense)

  • Intuiting (mind-sense)

  • channeling (mental 'other' information

  • feeling energy (now and future)

  • locating people in the field; accessing information

  • feeling the environment: now to future
    dissolving into space

  • reintegration:  then looking at objects in that time

  • seeing visions (movies, flashes, insights)

  • temperatures and seasons and scents on arrival

  • The 'clairs' (clairaudient, clairsentient etc)

  • orienting to and unpacking little energy bombs and thought-form into pictures, information sounds

  • following energy streams

  • multiform/identity aspect sent

  • shifting of perspectives

  • moving through your desire and focus

  • projections of likely possibilities based on past actions or facial responses (this is used by hopefuls and charlatans but is also a relevant skill that can reveal another aspect of possible truth)

  • shifting my perception from neutrality to desire and back again to test my theory

  • testing theories and possible directions to read the subtle differences in energy

  • interpreting frequency

  • cross-referencing certain frequencies and blending them to see the changes in another possible future
    form to non-form, dissolving
    grid-level healing

  • bouncing

  • + more

  • dancing along with timelines

  • and looking through rings (or orientating to a spatial perception of future time) 

  • merging into your future-self

  • asking mind to mind

  • I AM (seeing knowing myself)

All of these abilities are based on certain theories and learned and experienced understanding, so they may not make sense if you are newly exposed to theories like energy and awakened consciousness (oneness). Suffice it to say they are, once the mind wraps around them, grounded and achievable like any other skill (with certain factors and skills in place).

Upon Booking

Within 48 hours of applying, you'll be sent date options.
I'll confirm your acceptance and you'll be sent a zoom link for our session.


Before You Arrive

Water. Lots of it. A quiet environment. And high expectations. Expect it to be great.
Downright phenomenal. I'll bounce off that frequency and deliver. I'll ask a few questions so I have an understanding of your wishes for session.