Ignite Breakthrough

Feeling stuck, uncertain about your future, not sure what's next? 

You know this: you're ready to make an impact.
To shine, to show up, to rise to the occasion. 

But you're feeling stuck. Limited by your circumstances, mind and confidence.
Maybe feeling a little overwhelmed and worried about your future. Join me for a clearing, catalyzing and totally lifting ignite session experience.

An Ignite Session is designed to get you unstuck, moving ahead, with clarity and a clear plan of action; in one single, impactful discovery.

We meet in the Zoom Room. I'll ask you some questions, help you breakthrough rapidly into clarity and find new hopeful directions.

Let me ask you a few questions
so we can discover if an Ignite Session is right for you



- Do you have a BIG vision, but are you unclear as to how exactly to get there, or, you find yourself blocked at every turn?

- Like many, maybe you feel you are sometimes spinning your wheels with lots of efforts but not enough results?

- Have you been part of a coaching program ... but not seen the results reflected in your business?


- Have you trusted or hired the wrong people, leaving you with the results of their ineffectiveness?


- Are you willing to invest in your business, but so far it hasn’t let you to the success you’ve imagined? 

Your Words

“Over the last two years I’ve spent over $150K in coaching services, programs, and masterminds. I got MORE specific insights about my personal blocks to success out
of my 2 Spotlight VIP Days with Baji then I got from all of that combined! 

Had I found Baji two years ago I would have made A LOT more money in my business
as a result of the performance boost this can create.”


- Karan Dhillon


Claim This Session If:

+ You are ready for massive clarity and action

+ You have been seeing yourself differently than you want and are ready for a fresh new outlook


+ You want to let go of overwhelm and hopelessness, show up and rise!

 + You need help establishing a direction

+ You're in the middle of a life transition and need guidance, clarity and support 


+ You have been struggling with confidence, establishing appropriate boundaries and asking for the things you want and need


What You Get


Full Session Online
Direct Mail or Messenger Access
Follow Up

First, you'll be asked a few questions which I'll review and use to guide our time together. 

$800 us

You know this is right for you if you have that knowing feeling in your belly,
that feel of  'yes' in your heart, and an idea that this might open up new clarity and peace.

What if you knew? What could you then create?



Within 48 hours of applying, you'll be sent date options.
We'll confirm your acceptance and you'll be sent a zoom link for our session.


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