You, beautiful being, have a purpose.

Goals. Workouts. Master Plans. Strategies for Success. Sales Calls. But there are so many distractions. Life gets busy. That, or moods, needs and fears stop you from doing the important things.


If you can't focus or get your big, blessed actions done, if you treat your career like a hobby, or your most important things as irrelevant, without holding yourself to results, the big dreams flounder.

If that happens, others don't benefit from your good work and you don't get the benefits of seeing your most important things come to life.

You may find that you start avoid completing your chosen to-do's when you step into the very real discomfort pushing against limits and inner fear brings up. If you have been used to a boss and are now on your own, it can be easy to get away with it. 

Don't be dismayed if you find yourself avoiding the items; it will give you a clue as to where you need to focus. Illuminate where you need to shift or grow.

Dreams become real from strong action towards your haloed, desired destination. 

Fill out this form daily, then check it at night.
Five days a week, and watch miracles and results ensue.
Keep it simple, and get it done. 

Ode to efficiency for your good work.


Chaos ensues when we've got too much to do, with not enough focus. You may just require prioritization and focus. It's easy to get caught up in the needs of others, forgetting our own objectives or to let goals waver in the face of emotions or stress. I've a downloadable gift for you; the daily checklist we use for Soul Launch. Goal-setting high-performance style.


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